At your arrival in Tanzania, the staff of Dik Dik Hotel, owned by a Swiss family specialised in mountain climbing, especially of course, the Kilimanjaro, will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the hotel where you can recover from the flight in a quiet garden and prepare for hard climbing of Kilimanjaro summit!

Mac climbing the Kilimanjaro, that is a mountain worth of her!
the Dik-Dik Lodge, owned by a Swiss family, specialised in climbing Kilimanjaro
Dik-Dik Lodge swimming-pool, for a rest after the hike
your vacation in Africa: a view of the rocks on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro hike

The staff will explain you the timetable concerning the next few days of walking up to the top of Kilimanjaro, at 5895m, the highest point of Africa. You will go through many different kinds of landscape, starting with the savannah and finishing with rocks and glacier. The last day, you will wake up in the middle of the night to reach the top at dawn and enjoy the view of the big African plains. There you will be given a certificate to prove your ascension to Kilimanjaro summit, Uhuru Peak, when you come back home!

A special moment during your african vacation: full moon over Kilimanjaro!

meaning "travel" in Swahili

After that climb, you will need to rest around the swimming-pool before starting on the safari to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti park. You will also be able to visit the Hadzabe Bushmen living around Lake Eyasi, who have kept all their old traditions of hunters and gatherers. You will spend every night sleeping under the tent, listening to the sounds of Africa, sometimes very close to your ears...One morning, you will wake up very early for the balloon safari, about 2 hours of soundless flight right over the wild animals, followed by a champagne breakfast. You will have time enough to see the big five (lion, elephant, black rhino, buffalo and leopard) as well as all the others and depending on the time of year, the famous wildebeest migration. Make sure you have enough film rolls!

see the plains of Serengeti Park and its wildlife from a balloon, what a special experience!
a tree amidst the Serengeti plains
a typical safari sight in the Serengeti during your african holidays: a cheetah
the red rocks close to Serengeti Park during your safari in Tanzania

And now Zanzibar!

Welcome to Nungwi in the north of the island! Relax on the beautiful white beach, eat in one of the many restaurants, dive the east and west coast of Zanzibar, as well as Mnemba atoll, and make sure to be fit enough for the party at night where you will meet up with people coming from all over the world and dance on reggae music around the fire!

Nungwi village is known for its dhow builders. Dhows are made here for the whole of Zanzibar
dive Wattabomi in Mnemba, Zanzibar, and you will see the green turtles!
to spot that leaf-fish on the coral while diving, you need a good eye
ngalawas (small dhows) on the beach in Nungwi, north of Zanzibar

Game fishing

You can also do some game-fishing and be sure to catch something impressive! The Pemba channel is a well-known fishing ground and you can get barracuda, kingfish, dorado, trevally, yellow fin tuna, sailfish or marlin if you are lucky and patient enough to fight them! Some, you will be able to eat on the grill at night, others, like the marlin, will be tagged and released. But excitement is guarantied!

party in Stonetown at Sweet Easy
dancing on the bar in Sweet Easy at New Year's party
game-fishing is fun, especially when you catch a huge kingfish like Katia!


And last but not least, Stonetown, main town of Zanzibar, where you can stroll in the old streets during the day, or plan an excursion to Prison Island to look at the giant tortoises, have a drink at Africa House for sunset and eat in one of the nice restaurants at night, even enjoying a life band in Sweet Easy for example. Time for the last Safari or Kilimanjaro beer! Kwaheri! ("bye bye" in Swahili)