Tanzania offers you uncountable options for a beach holiday.

The most known is of course the mythical island of Zanzibar, a coral island off Dar-es-Salaam, Unguja for the locals, with its East Coast and its kilometers' long white sandy beaches, as well as its West Coast and its beautiful turquoise water, where you can swim anytime of day.

But there is also Pemba, part of the archipelago of Zanzibar, less known for its beaches, as it is actually a part of mainland that broke off, and not a coral island like Zanzibar. Nevertheless, you will find many small secluded bays, and the beautiful beach of Misali Island.

And Mafia Island in the South, wild, with just a few tourists, and many kilometers of deserted beaches, with white sand which creeks under your toes...

And for those seeking adventure, there is a 800km coastline in Tanzania! Even if the water is not as nice as on the islands, you will find nice beaches, authentic charm, and no tourists.