Zanzibar is starting to become a holiday destination for divers from all over the world, divers who've already been, or don't want to go, to all the famous dive spots, attracted to Zanzibar and Pemba especially, for their untouched reefs.

Also called Unguja, the south island of the Zanzibar Archipelago has a reef going all along its eastern coast, offering many diving possibilities. In the north-west, there are a few dive spots in the middle of the ocean, rich with reef fish as well as game fish.

Mnemba atoll

This coral atoll in the north-east of Zanzibar, is a special dive spot, famous for its visibility and turtles, as well as for the dolphins that are often to be seen in between the dives, and with whom everyone likes to snorkel. In October-November and January to March, whale sharks are seen cruising close to the reef. Stonetown also has a few dive sites to offer, particularly two wrecks (30 and 40 meters).


Unlike Unguja, this is not a coral island, but a rocky one, which means that there are drop-offs all around the island, going down to 200 meters or more. The coral is beautifully varied and untouched, with amazing architecture, caves and tunnels, strong tidal currents at times, and always a lot of fish and some unexpected encounters like game fish (king fish, barracudas, wahoos, trevallies, mantas, big rays)! Visibility here can go to 50 meters.

Night diving is a must in Pemba, as this is when you will see the wildest creatures!


This island is still totally unknown, although it had Tanzania's first marine park ( the southern half of the island ), supervised by WWF. The diving there will be of discovery, but always amongst big shoals of game fish and beautiful reefs. From end of November till February, you can go and snorkel with whale-sharks, with an over than 50% chance!