Mount Kilimanjaro is in the Kilimanjaro National park, in the north of Tanzania, striding the border to Kenya. The closest town is Moshi, from where most trekking companies leave. But it is also close to Arusha town and its domestic airport, or Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Mount Kilimanjaro is very special, because although it is not the highest mountain in the world, it is the highest, which can be climbed by anyone, who just follows the safety rules, without needing mountaineering experience. It is also a very impressive mountain, as it rises majesticly 5000 meters above the surrounding landscape, as a result of the volcanic activity related to the Great Rift.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro takes you through different types of sceneries and vegetation, from the thick tropical forest in the beginning, to the rocky summit, through the heath and moorland zone and the glacier!

There are several routes leading up to the summit. The most common one, and easiest, is the Marangu Route, which has huts, so that much less equipment and porters are needed. Then comes the Machame route, which is the second most common one. Then there are the less frequented ones, like Mweka, Shira and Rongai, for the more trained and adventurous.

Example of a climb through the Machame Route

When and how to visit?

The best and clearest months are from December to February, and from July to September, although a bit colder. It needs a minimum of 7 days to be sure to reach the summit (Uhuru Peak) without suffering from altitude sickness, although we also offer an alternative with acclimatation done on Mount Meru for 4 days, followed by Mount Kilimanjaro in 6 days, with a professionnal Swiss mountain guide.