Mafia Island is in the South of Tanzania, opposite the Rufiji Delta, and has nothing to do with the mafia!

This island is still very little developed, compared to Zanzibar, and reminds of the old days of Zanzibar, before all the tourists arrived...

The whole southern part of the island is a Marine Park, under supervision of WWF, and diving here is very impressive.

From end of November to February, the attraction of Mafia is to go snorkelling with the whale sharks, who come feeding in the rich waters of the west coast, opposite the Rufiji delta.

It is also possible to go out for the day and picnic on a sand bank or visit some old ruins and have the feeling to become an explorer from bygone days!

You have the choice to stay in a tree house and see the sunrise from your terrace, enjoy a nice bungalow on a hill top, overlooking the south bay of Mafia, or stay directly on the beach with the finest sand that you can find.

There is one little town, Kilindoni, and otherwise just a few little villages, where people live from farming and fishing. Mafia is a big producer of cashew nuts, and it is interesting to go and visit the farms.

Hotels of the South-East Coast, in the Marine Park

Shamba Kilole

Mafia Island

Chole Mjini Tree House

Pole Pole

Hotels of the West Coast

South West
Butiama Beach
Center West
Ras Mbisi Lodge
Lua Cheia Beach