Pemba is part of Zanzibar Archipelago, the "little" sister of Unguja, commonly know as Zanzibar Island.

This is the green island, with little hills, many clove tree plantations, and a unique untouched underwater world!

Travelling to Pemba is like travelling back in time.

In the little villages, you will meet with people, who still live in the traditianal way from fishing and farming, who are more at ease in their dugouts as in a car, and who use traditional medecine.

To visit Pemba, you can either fly there and stay in one of the few little charming accomodations available, or take a sailing cruise, which will allow you to see most of the secluded bays and enjoy the beautiful nature of Pemba.

Apart from relaxing and visiting villages, diving is the main activity for visitors to Pemba.

As the island was part of mainland, the reef drops from the water line to incredible depths.

This is a paradise for those, who like deep dives, the thrill of every possible encounter, as well as for the underwater photographers. Night diving is then a must, with an extraordinary density of the weirdest crustaceous.