Safari means travel or trip in Kiswahili and is the most famous attraction of Tanzania. To approach all of the animals of Africa at close range is an unforgettable experience. Most of us know these animals from the zoo or from documentaries, but in Tanzania, you can see them in real! You can watch them and observe their habits, the grazing, the chasing, the mating, etc... The beauty and variety of the landscape, from the Serengeti plains, to the Rufiji delta, as well as the concentration of animals make Tanzania the best country for wildlife observation, and you can be there too!

From the Serengeti plains with their famous wildebeest migration, the Ngorongoro crater where you will see the flamingos by thousands, and the maasai living in harmony with animals to Selous park with the Rufiji delta, its hippos and crocodiles, or Gombe park where you will watch the chimpanzees while walking through the forest, Tanzania really offers you a wide range of possibilities to see Africa.

There are the famous names like Serengeti and Ngorongoro, and the less famous ones like Ruaha or Selous, each of them having their own ecosystem and many of which are rarely visited.

We can offer you also different kinds of stays during the safari, according to your wishes and time and money, from the simple camping safari, to the luxury tents, making you feel like in "Out of Africa", or beautiful lodges. Whoever you are, you will find a way to enjoy it best!

Once there, you can decide to watch the animals from the jeep, or walking, or from the boat, or even from a balloon!
In the following pages you will find more information about the parks, as well as details about places to stay and offers for safaris.

National parks in Tanzania:

We can make any kind of combination for you according to your wishes.