Gombe Stream National Park is the smallest of the national parks, barely covering 50 sqkm of mountains, along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Nevertheless it is famous because of the research centre founded by Jane Goodall for observing the behaviour of chimpanzees and protecting them since 1960.

Gombe Stream National Park is remote and difficult of access, and so has very few visitors. But it remains a unique place to encounter the chimpanzees, on a walk in the mountains, with experimented guides.


Apart from chimpanzees, you will mostly see various kinds of monkeys, as red colobus, red tail, blue and vervet monkeys. As the area is heavily forested, there are no predators, which makes it safe to walk in the park.


The place is also good for bird-watchers, especially along the lake shore with the famous fish-eagle and palmnut vulture.

When and how to visit?

The best time to see the chimpanzees is during the rainy season (February to June and November-December), as they do not wander so far. Nevertheless, the best time for making good photos are the dry months of July to October and late December, meaning that you will have to walk longer ways.