Ruaha Park is in the centre of Tanzania, away from all touristic destinations, and is part of a much bigger ecosystem, with the parks of Rungwa, Kizogo and Muhesi to the north, Usangu to the south and Lumba Mkwambi to the east, on an area of 40.000 square kilometers.

Ruaha Park itself has 10.300 square kilometers, and the Great Ruaha River. In this transition zone between Eastern and Southern Africa, there is a combination of flora and fauna from both areas, and is considered to be a very special park, by the connaisseurs.

Arrival in the park is already spectacular, as the pilot very often has to make a few rounds over the airstrip, in order to chase zebras and buffalos grazing there! The scenery is magnificent, with rolling hills, grassland, huge baobabs, and the Great Ruaha River, Mwagusi Sand River, and Mdonya River.


Ruaha Park has the biggest elephant population of any park in Tanzania, with more than 10.000 animals. It is very common to see big herds, and these are very calm towards the visitors, although they were hunted until the 90'...

The other animal, which is famous in Ruaha, is the african wild dog (Lycaon pictus), which lives the herds of 6 to 20 animals. The greater Kudu (Tragelaphus strepticeros) with its long twirling horns, can also be seen here, as well as the sable antilope (Hippotragus niger). This is also the southern limit for Grant's gazelle. And of course, many giraffes, holding their head above the trees!

Along the rivers, crocodiles and hippos are the masters!


There are about 460 different birds in Ruaha, and they are very easy to observe along the rivers. Bird lovers should come between February and March!

When to visit?

The best season is from June to October, during dry season, when the grass is short and you can easily see the animals. From November to March, the secnery is very green and lush, which make the seeing of predators difficult. But birds gather there in big amounts, and there are just few tourists. From April to middle of June, the camps are closed, as due to rain, it is not possible to drive through.