Saadani National Park is set on the Indian Ocean Coastline and can be reached by plane or car from Dar Es Salam, or plane or boat from Zanzibar. It is a special park as it is around the winding Wami River and goes up to the Indian Ocean.

It has a territory of about 1000sqkm, with open grassland, bush, acacia forest, and along the beach, coconut trees and mangrove. Since 1969 it is a protected game reserve and since 2006 it became a national park. It is one of the least visited parks, but you might see all of the animals, and it is the only park where you can combine a day of safari either on foot, boat or jeep with dipping in the Indian Ocean!

It is also one of the only spot of the coast of mainland Tanzania where turtles come to lay their eggs.


You can encounter giraffs, buffalos, elephants, zebras, oryx, warthogs, waterbucks, reedbucks, hartebeest and wildebeest, along with troops of yellow baboon and vervet monkeys. Lions, Leopard, hyenas and jackals are the predators of the various antelops in the park. On a boot safari you can see hippos, crocodiles and water snakes. The special of Saadani is the red duiker, a buitifull and very shy antelope.


Saadani is a home to hornbills, starlings, buffalo weavers, ring necked doves, lilac breasted roller and grey headed rollers as well as yellow billed storks, grey heron, little egret, sandpipers and many more.

When and how to visit?

Saadani National Park is best visited in January and February and from June to August, when animal density is at its highest. It is easily reachable in a 20 minutes flight from Zanzibar, or by car or plane from Dar.