The Selous Game Reserve, which is also World Heritage Site, is the largest protected wet wilderness area in Africa, covering around 50.000 sqare kilometers, corresponding to 6 per cent of Tanzania's territory. Most of it is reserved for hunting safaris (south of Rifiji River), and that income allows the protection of the area from poachers. The Rufiji River, East Africa's greatest river, flows through it, and gives it its unique scenery.

Here one can do safari in many ways, in the open cars, or boats, as well as walking safaris, and overnight fly-camping safaris, which means sleeping under a mosquito net, in the wild!


Selous Game Reserve was founded to protect elephants, but unlike in Tarangire, you mostly see small female herds with calves, as most of them are in the South of the Reserve. You can also see a lot of different gazelles, many giraffes, and of course, hippos and crocodiles along the river. The Selous lion is also a bit different, with its darker mane.


Viewing of birds is done easily here from the boat, and when they gather on the palm trees along the river, or around the mud cliffs, where the bee-eaters nest.

When to visit?

Selous Game Reserve can be visited at any time, but from April to end of June, most camps close down, due to the rains and difficulty of driving.