Taking a sailing cruise is the best way to get into the local rythm and visit the islands!

You can sail from 3 days in the South of Zanzibar to a week on the west coast of Pemba, or more than a week, around Zanzibar or Mafia.

For the moment, we are just working with one catamaran. Walkabout is the only yacht, which is well maintained and operates in a reliable way.

Zanzibar is one of the many Indian Ocean islands, that have been discovered by the adventurous sailors, and sailing remains the most common way for travelling in between islands, fishing, and transporting goods. The white sails on the turquoise water are THE mark of Zanzibar, and the first thing we distinguish as we approach the island by plane or by boat!

There is no possibility of doing bare-boat charter, as maps are not that accurate, and light-houses and barks are not always working...This is the reason why, there is always an experienced skipper on board, who knows the waters around Tanzania and who can give you all the information you need for a safe sailing trip.

There are a few different cruises you can do, according to the length of the cruise, the season, the composition of the group, etc... The cruise plan will always include the most beautiful islands, diving areas and local sights and it can be modified to meet the guests' wishes. In this case the crew, who live there, will of course help you with its knowledge about the islands and try to plan the best tour for all guests.