About us


Olaf Nitschmann, who used to own and run a bar-restaurant (Morgenrot), near Cologne in Germany, exchanged it against a sailing yacht in Athens in 1999 and after renaming her, sailed her through the Suez Channel and Red Sea to the coast of Tanzania, East Africa (Zanzibar), where he had planned to start a charter business under the name Zanzibarsail.





After having lived and worked for 4 years in Zanzibar, entertaining tourists on our yacht Wimbi Nyota, bringing them to places, showing the underwater world, fishing, cooking, lying in the sun, spending long evenings listening to their travel experiences, safari holiday, we think we have a fair idea of the kind of vacation different people enjoy.

We decided to use our first-hand experience to open a travel agency specialised in Tanzania , and Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia.
We also know most places very well, having been there as friends or visitors, and don’t just have a one time impression of the places and people.

Therefore, having both of us spent a lot of time with people and seen what makes them happy, as well as knowing Tanzania, we think we could advise you in the best way for your perfect holiday. We'll create a special holiday for everyone of you!!!


In 2000, Sonja Hediger, medical doctor and dive instructor from Switzerland came for holiday to Zanzibar, looking for adventure, fell in love with the skipper and his relaxed way of life. The two of them have been working together since then and sharing the same dream.