Hakuna Matata Beach Lodge and Spa
from 45.- € per person

This little lodge, owned by Fritz and Rose from Germany, with their donkeys Paul and Paula, is beautifully situated in a little bay, opposite Chuini Ruins, 15 minutes drive north of Stonetown.

Ideal for visiting town, and finding tranquility in the evening, it is especially known in Zanzibar for its very original and tasty food, cooked under Rose's supervision. The pool is built in ancient persian bath, and not appropriate for children, as it is very deep.

Changuu Private Island Paradise
from 40.- € per person

Changuu, also known as Prison Island, is famous for its giant tortoises, and the nice snorkeling. And it is possible to stay there now, and a haven of peace and quietness. It is a 15 minute boat-ride away from Stonetown, which you can visit easily from there.

Simply built, nicely decorated, ideal for couples not wanting any entertainment!

Bawe Private Island Paradise
from 40.- € per person

The most visible from Stonetown, this island is a little jewel and has been turned in a private island.

Enjoy the peace and seclusion, with nothing to do, but relax...

Chumbe Island
from 60.- € per person all inclusive

Chumbe Island, to the south-west of Stonetown, is run by a non-profit organisation. The Chumbe Project aims at building environmental awareness in Zanzibar. It has a big educationnal program, with school teachers, as well as with high-school children.

Being a Marine Protected Area since 1994, the focal aim of the Chumbe Island Coral Park Project is to preserve Chumbe Island's exceptional environment. And so, the bungalows have a special architecture, using the breeze to cool you down, rain water for your shower, solar energy for your light, and last, but not least, your feces for compost! Don't expect luxury, this is a modern Robinsoe Crusoe experience!