In the north-western tip of Zanzibar, 90 minutes drive from Stonetown, there is Nungwi, the traditional fishing village, which has become the best place to stay for divers as well as for backpackers and people wanting party with the best sunset drinks of the island!

The beach, on the west coast, with its white sand, is one of the best for swimming, as even in low tide, there is enough water due to the steepness of the slope. And so it has also become a must for divers, as boats are always able to go in and out. In spite of that, most villagers have kept their ancient habits.

Nungwi is traditionaly known as a boat-building village (the famous dhows and ngalawas) and a fishing village. Every morning and evening, all traditional fishing boats sail out at sea, an amazing sight...

People who are looking for a quiet place, isolation, no tourist, and are not interested in diving or fishing, should look more at the east coast.